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Coconut Water🥥Not only the best rehydration drinks on the planter , thanks to its ▪️electrolytes and natural salts like ▪️potassium ▪️and magnesium , but coco water offers numerous nutrients that are ...

This is Kola❗️ Garcinia kola is traditionally used by African folk healers who believe that it has purgative, antiparasitic, and antimicrobial properties.The seeds are used for liver disorders, bronch...

This is African Pear 🔮 Dacryodes edulis 🗝Delicious👌▪️Rich in Antioxidants ▪️Boosts Immune System▪️Rich In Vitamin C ▪️Helps in Protein Synthesis ▪️Promote Skin health ▪️Reduces Constipation ▪️Lowers H...

Chia Seeds🗝▪️Massive amount of nutrients ▪️loaded with antioxidants ▪️high in quality protein ▪️high in fiber ▪️omega 3 fatty acids ▪️high in many bone nutrients 🗝one of the most nutritious food on t...

Leeks🔋Prebiotics🗝#leekchi   When sliced or chopped, the many antioxidants leeks provide begin converting to allicin. Allicin provides an abundance of important attributes to the body, such as anti-bacte...